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Unscented Yoni Gel with Boric Acid

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Our Yoni shower is great for your Kitty! This Gel is  Unscented and a Super Gentle wash that will keep your kitty nice .This is a great shower gel to use after shaving or waxing to help keep your Kitty nice and rejuvenated. This oil is hand crafted with natural and organic ingredients that help rejuvenate your Kitty. this can also be used on any part of the body!

Boric Acid is an ingredient used to heal and prevent infections.

Rejuvenate Yoni Gel is a natural, organic, gentle vaginal cleanser.  The aloe vera and other plant-based compounds aid in maintaining Vaginal pH it contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-viral compounds. This formula allows your Yoni to maintain healthy vaginal bacteria levels, while eliminating bacterial overgrowth that may cause issues down the road. 


  • Balances PH
  • Prevents Ingrowns
  • Boost Moisture
  • Soothes Itching Inflammation
  • Relieves Pain and Inflammation
  • Prevents Bad Odor

Directions: Apply a small amount of  GEL externally on top of the vagina, under labia & throughout vulva for daily cleansing during bath or shower. 

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Xanthun Gum, glygerin, Marshmallow root, grapeseed oil, Boric Acid


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Let me tell you!! This right here??? Phew. When I say the daily body odor (meaning body odor that arises as the day goes on) is GONE!!

Lesley Golphin
Great Customer Service

I’ve been buying this wash for a year now & it has helped improve moisture so much & I like that’s it’s not scented; I have sensitive skin. I recently purchased a bottle that opened during transport & spilled customer service was prompt and resolved the issue no problem; good product and customer service. Thank you, businesses like this remind me why I support black owned.


I get the hype!


wasn’t the best honestly


Might just have to buy again